Email: nahmed(AT)

I am a Strategy PhD candidate at Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada and a Research Fellow at the ScotiaBank Digital Banking Lab. My focus is broadly on Innovation & Industry Evolution.

I study how firms respond to technological change by changing their technology strategies (e.g., R&D collaboration strategies, research disclosure strategies), and in turn, change industry dynamics. Currently, I am exploring Artificial Intelligence (using patents & peer-reviewed publications). Drawing on strategic management literature, and using Big Data, Machine learning (NLP) and interviews, I build testable models of the world that can help managers to make decisions.

In my papers I tend to use the latest econometrics methods such as the Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD), the synthetic control method.

My working papers have been recognized at multiple conferences such as Best PhD Paper Prize (nominated, SMS), Max Boisot Award (finalist, EGOS), Best Paper in Strategy (won, AMCIS), Honorable Mention (won, ASAC) among others.

Latest News:

I am the chair of the organizing committee of the 3rd Toronto Fintech Conference.